Market Conditions 2021

We are excited for 2021. What are your plans? It is possible to plan despite of much uncertainty. As a business leader you need to boost yourself with energy & new insights ready for business 2021, because you are the captain of the ship. It is you who need to be in good shape, both mentally and physically to preform well on a demanding market you know.

We have a few pre-recorded online educations that is perfect to watch or listen and come up with ideas for your business or projects, or to boost yourself after a really strange year 2020. You need inspiration to get creative. We also have tailor made coaching sessions online. Check out our products in the menu. You find the Swedish products on our website in Swedish. Welcome!

Business Decisions

The international market is facing challenging times and investors is looking for new territories or solutions to calm a financial storm. Recent years private investments have increased into luxury brands since they have shown to withhold a high value even in uncertain times. So luxury brands in not only for consumption it is a way of investment privately. This has of course been the case for jewelries and watches but recent years more is included. Press the image below and find your dream brand to purchase as an item to invest in.

The Luxury Closet

You need confidence and different skills to manage a business to success.
Customise your business with our toolbox about Leadership and some Finance and Branding.
To grow you need to choose what you will focus on, and delegate areas that you are not good at. What is your area of expertise? Your business need a team or a larger team, either as employees or as consultants. Create a team with people of different expertise.
Many forget the crucial skill of leadership. Now more than ever a new leadership is called for. People are independent and want to be involved and taken into consideration.
Be a human, not a machine.
You need the skills of leadership to be the captain of your ship. Below is a picture that illustrates this key ingredient along with the other one’s.
Check out our online educations and even exclusive one-on-one tailor made mentorship through our menu.

Promotion & Branding

Do you want to be a copy of someone else, a look alike, sorry then we are not the right fit for you.

If you want to make a difference on a very competitive market then we can help you to customize your brand. It’s like a makeover. We even go into health in our Online courses – and our one-on-one coaching sessions – to get the winners mindset you also need.

We help you to design and build your brand.

  • We help you to visualize your attitude.
  • We help you to find and develop your identity with your brand.
  • We help you to distinquish what you are and what you’re not.

When we have tweaked your brand – then we can help you with eye catching promotion. It’s your choice – an average or an impressive Attitude

Business for Artists

In January 2020 we launched our first Online course – Business for Artists – available together with our other online educations in the menu & more information – Welcome!


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